QuantumClean® and Also ChemTrace® to Present at SEMICON West 2017

QuantumClean® and ChemTrace® to Exhibit at SEMICON West 20 17
For more than 20 years, ChemTrace has provided independent and analytical verification of approach tool room part cleaning effectiveness.   Recognized as the leading reference analytical testing lab for its semi conductor, solar and associated industries, ChemTrace provides the solutions of FAB, OEM and OPM’s critical cleaning difficulties and requirements.   With at Least 100 employees in 5 labs located in Several countries, ChemTrace offers unsurpassed microcontamination Evaluation of Software parts, wafers and depositions, chemicals, Clean-room Substances, DI water and airborne molecular contamination.    

ChemTrace has in excess of two decades of analytical superiority within the semi conductor market.   We offer stringent high quality assurance criteria and so are individually ISO 17025 qualified.   Besides validating cleanliness on thousands of semi conductor parts every month, ChemTrace performs microcontamination examination of wafers, clean room substances, ultra-pure drinking water, high-purity and intricate chemical substances,” conditions Surjany Russell, ChemTrace’s Director of Revenue.

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