Outcomes of Inaugural FRONTSTEPS Customer Industry Study

Link Between Inaugural FRONTSTEPS Consumer Industry Research
Other Essential findings:

FRONTSTEPS is Situated in Denver, CO with additional offices at Berkeley, CA and Carlsbad, CA.

  • 70 percent of respondents claimed the monitoring deliveries, locating nearby services, and also calling management together with inquiries was vital.
  • Citizens want insight into their HOA/COA finances as well as their own account history.
  • Citizens want to be able to message about HOA and COA team and leadership.

“When 95% of folks state that they have been actively associated with their own HOA or even COA, we understand our software is vital,” explained DeWolf.
FRONTSTEPS is the Number1 Applications Stage for HOAs, Builders, Security & Patrol Experts, Realtors and Shops. We supply systems to simplify the way that people create, connect, operate and secure modern day communities, having a wide array of services and products — all now beneath the FRONTSTEPS identity. Our family of products includes AssociationVoice, AtHomeNet, dwellingLIVE, PatrolLIVE, RealProSystems and also iHomeFinder, each designed to serve local community people and those who keep them thriving. Our initial platform now powers far more than 23,000 communities nationally — that’s 4.4 million citizens covered with FRONTSTEPS solutions.

The valuable feedback from your analysis is going to be utilized, ” said DeWolf, since the FRONTSTEPS stage is improved and enhanced.

Sent to homeowner association (HOA) and Local Community association (COA) residents, the Consequences Demonstrated the need for contemporary tools to Assist Citizens take advantage of the Distinctive attributes that Neighborhood and Communal life Delivers.